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Anderson Parts

Postat: mån 14 maj 2018 18:36
av Crazy Mary IF2670

I am new to the form. I checked ( in Swedish :) ) but I couldn’t find similiar post.

I am overhauling IF 2670 - C. Mary
I disassembled the Anderson winches. Luckly NL distributor has the small parts kit but they do not have the broken plastic teeth. What is the function of it?
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Re: Anderson Parts

Postat: mån 14 maj 2018 20:23
av Johan SWE-1870
Welcome to the forum!

If I remember right my two original winches also have those plastic inserts and my two newer ones came without them.

I don't know for sure what purpose they have. One possibility is that the plastic insert is just for keeping the mechanism a bit quieter. Now when I think about it two of my winches are actually louder than the other two.

I think you can just remove those plastic inserts. The winch will probably work without them, Now that the inserts are broken, you can't make it worse, anyhow.

Does anybody else know?

Re: Anderson Parts

Postat: tis 15 maj 2018 08:49
av maja
I have the same on my boat, two older with plastic inserts and two newer without.
The winches without plasic inserts have another, more metallic sound than the two other.

I think you can follow Johan´s advise and just remove the plastic.

Re: Anderson Parts

Postat: tis 22 maj 2018 13:49
av Crazy Mary IF2670

Thanks for the replies, I removed the broken ones, actually NL distributor checked with Andersen factory and they informed me that they can supply the plastic teeth but winches worked well and I did not notice any additional friction or sound...

Sorry that I could not reply you, first I was busy with launching her then sailing her :P