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New interior "Bow"

Postat: sön 16 dec 2012 18:59
av Regatta
Hello! Hi all,
I thank all the people who write me and encourage me to move forward with this project.
I anticipate the changes I made to the furniture’s bow of Dreamer. It ‘been done to close the hole and make more beautiful and functional the Dreamer interior.
Here the photos and if you are interest write me back for infos "how to"

Re: New interior "Bow"

Postat: lör 08 sep 2018 08:39
av MarikaH

Your work looks great. I would like to make a gate/flap to the keelson. So, I wonder what material did you use for the flap (I don't know if that is the correct name? In Swedish: förpikslucka).