Rubber for wndows

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Rubber for wndows

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Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all!

one of my IF folkeboot fenster is leaking bad. I took it out today. The rubber is in very bad condition. It has been glued many time and falls into pieces. Is it possible to order this rubber a shop?

If not what would be the best solution to make the window watertight again

Thank you in advance for any tips

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Re: Rubber for wndows

Inlägg av maja »

The user IF1426 has made some useful posts on this matter. Also, make use of the search function with the expression "fönster" and you will find a lot.

Most of the inputs are made in Swedish and other Scandinavian languages, so maybe you have to use some web based translator to understand.

Also go to the website of Ertec:
Marek, IF-båt SWE-829 "Ingela" från Lagunen i Malmö
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Re: Rubber for wndows

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Thank you Maja to you conveyed my posts on the topic "Läckande fönster med aluminium ram". Then I restored my windows, port-hole, i have discovered that IF has been with two versions, both Ertec with a more contoured aluminium frame and where the outer rubber seal has a custom profile, the second type has an aluminium frame that the outside is flatter, and the sealing strip is thinner and flat.
Therefore it is important to find out which type you have on your boat.
When the window are removed, it is importanf to also test the density of the rubber seal that surrounds the glass pane, I have the experience to leakage occurs even there.
The Ertec links included in the referred thread, describing the measures in an excellent manner.

L-å Andersson
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Re: Rubber for wndows

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Thanks a lot for your answers and happy new year!

In the mean time I found some Construction Sealant which seems to work
It is sold in Germany under the name
Building and Window Silicone: Versatile sealing ( ... 5f16b7d356)
Mean characteristics are to be found in this English PDF
( ... 013_01.pdf)

The construction sealant can be found in anthracite color so that it almost matches the rubber seal color. It comes in a tube for gun.
It remains soft for quite a long time, so there is no hurry to press it where you want to have it. It can be applied like mastic. It is easy to clean with acetone while still soft.

I was able to reconstruct part of my broken seal with it.
Time will tell if it is a good solution.

So long.

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