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Windos in main sail

Posted: Sat 01 Apr 2017 12:02
by Captain_frog
Does anyone know the dimensions and the position of the small window in main sail (the window nest to the mast which allows a look on the genoa tell-tale?
Windows in Main sail.png
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Is it as practical as it is supposed to be?
Is the normal window (the big one next to the foot leech) also nice to have? I do not have any on my present sail and I do not really miss it (but maybe I just do not know what I am missing).

Any help will be great.
Captain Frog

Windos in main sail

Posted: Sat 01 Apr 2017 13:26
by IF 2719
The small Window is for watching how close hauled the genoa is to the spreader. The big Window is for better view of other boats, specially useful in strong winds with more heel...

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Re: Windos in main sail

Posted: Tue 12 Sep 2017 21:21
by NED1417
Do You know the distance from boom to the window?