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lifting IF boat

Postat: sön 14 nov 2010 11:33
av kubal
Dear colleagues,

does anybody use the eye casted in the cast iron ballast block to lift the boat? I mean the eye located below the floor in the cabin. I have tried, but it has shown that it is located more backwards than the center of mass. Moreover, it seams to be below the center of mass, so the boat is instable when lifted using it. Is the eye intended for lifting the boat, or was it intended for lifting of the cast iron block during manufacturing only?

Thank you

David Kubal

Re: lifting IF boat

Postat: sön 14 nov 2010 16:12
av maja
You may use the eye moulded into the iron ballast, but you have to balance the boat as shown on the pictures.

See some alternatives below how a device for lifting may be designed. It is strongly recommended to mount additional eye-bolts for lifting and not use the chainplate bolts. It is also preferable for the lifting that the device is vertically as long as possible for the the lifting point of the crane to reach the vertical line through the centre of gravity without trimming the boat forward.
SWE 2059 Lyft med lyftstropp.jpg
SWE 2059 Lyft med lyftstropp.jpg (689.43 KiB) Visad 5072 gånger
Lyftstropp till IF-båt.JPG
Lyftstropp till IF-båt.JPG (77.27 KiB) Visad 5068 gånger

Re: lifting IF boat

Postat: tis 16 nov 2010 21:40
av kubal
Dear Marek,

thank you, this is a great idea. I will try it the next year. The only think I do not understand fully is why the additional eye-bolts for lifting should be mounted. Until now I have been thinking that the chainplate eye-bolts for main sidestays (shrouds) are the strongest points in this part of the deck. So what is the reason? (Excuse me please, I do not understand the description in the article since it is in Swedish.)


Re: lifting IF boat

Postat: ons 17 nov 2010 11:01
av johan swe-1870
I think the reason for using separate lifting eye bolts is to not stress those to the rig. You can also lift the boat with the rig still on, if you want (I don't).

I lift my boat with the rig chainplate eye bolts.

Re: lifting IF boat

Postat: tor 21 mar 2019 22:31
av rmegelas
Hello, I am picking up on an old discussion and interesting discussion. Does anyone have a clearer version of this picture that could be read by OCR or anyone with an english translation. Many thanks to all. R

Re: lifting IF boat

Postat: fre 22 mar 2019 10:08
av maja
This article is to be found in Medvind Hösten (No 2) 1989, on page 27


I will send you 2 pdf-files which are OCR readable. In the pdf-document, "mark all" and copy to Word or to Notebook.

I have made the OCR readings for you and they will also be sent as text files.

Now, use a web-based translator as Google Translate or similar to translate the Swedish texts into any language you want.