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diameter cap shrouds

Postat: fre 18 feb 2011 17:40
av Fer Holland
As far as we know, here in Holland some or maybe all IF's were originally delivered with cap shrouds of 6 mm.

In the class rules a size of 5 mm is mentioned for cap shrouds. I suppose this is the minimum, but how long does it last ?
Is 5mm safe enough at the long term ?

Re: diameter cap shrouds

Postat: lör 19 feb 2011 11:18
av maja
I suppose you mean the upper shrouds.

5 mm diameter is minimum (which is clearly stated in the class rules), but 6 mm was delivered as original during the -70-ties, as far as I know.

Lately it happens that 5 mm for both upper and lower shrouds is delivered together with a new repalcement rig from Proctor or Seldens. The tension of the upper shrouds is then to be set somewhat higher, i.e. to 15 % instead of 12 %. Also it is wise to check the upper shrouds more often, as the load and consequently the probability for damage is somewat higher.